Hi my name is Meg Trenkler. I have been working at In Truth since 2018 while working at Rochester Mental Health Center. I graduated with my Masters in 2017, and worked through both practicum and internship at Pinewild Behavioral Health. I have ran Grief and Loss groups, volunteered my time at Webster Comfort Care, and Strong Inpatient Psychiatric unit. I have learned and eagerly soaked up the skills alongside Nicki Ditch, that I believe has helped me develop my own sense of style. 

Throughout my work in clinics in the community I was always incredibly blown away by the stories, struggles and brave souls that I worked with. I realized quickly how both mental heath and the body are closely aligned, and how we must work to understand both to achieve who we need to be. Often in todays world, we are disconnected, anxious, hyper-fixated on small struggles (and large ones) which leave us feeling traumatized, worn out, exhausted and downright icky. I believe that once we work to understand the ways we work to protect ourselves in these situations, can we find the pathway to not avoiding, but welcoming the protective bits. Coming into therapy is not only vulnerable, but it is a highly personal experience. No two clients of mine are the same, nor are their experiences in therapy. My hope, is that each one of my clients leaves feeling heard a bit more than they did at the beginning of their day. I am humanistic in my approach while gently nudging. I will challenge you, while doing so in a way that still nurtures the PART that made the decisions I am challenging. 

While I am not being a therapist, in my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, playing with my Golden Retriever, Cleo, and reading rom coms and thrillers. I was told by fellow coworkers that I am small but I can pack a punch. I may look young, but I assure you I am not! I am a firm believer that pasta and tacos can be eaten daily, snow has a smell, and there’s no limit to iced coffee in the summer. 

About Meg Trenkler LMHC