Nicki Ditch LMHC, CCTP, AMTP

Mental Health and Counseling

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About Nicki


Master of Science, Community Mental Health Counseling
Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development 
University of Rochester, Rochester, New York

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
University of Rochester, Rochester, New York

Professional Licensure
Licensed in New York State as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Anger Managment Treatment Professional (AMTP)

Professional Membership

American Counseling Association

International Association of Trauma Professionals

Therapeutic Orientation and Style

I draw from various therapeutic techniques based on your particular immediate needs however, my therapy is always rooted from the Humanistic Philosophy that asserts:

People are inherently good and possess the innate ability to realize their full potential

As humans, we are whole; much greater than the sum of our parts

To realize our full potential, we must accept ourselves wholly in mind, body, and spirit, connect genuinely, and live authentically.

I specialize in Grief and Loss, Trauma/PTSD, Anger Management, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I offer individual sessions as well as couples' sessions and group sessions/workshops.


I help bring hope, healing, and direction to adults struggling to have healthy relationships and who are dealing with traumatic memories, grief, and anxiety. To do this, I rely heavily on the use of Gestalt, DBT, CBT, and Ego State Therapy Interventions.


You will learn that my therapy approach is not typical. I will not sit quietly nodding my head saying little more than, “Mm, hmm” while you spew your story and spill your guts only so that you can spend your hard-earned money feeling worse and not getting anything in return. I will have a conversation with you. I will give you feedback. I will poke holes in your maladaptive thought patterns. I will challenge you, I will frustrate you at times, and I absolutely will laugh with you. Why? Because you deserve a therapist who will work just as hard as you work, who is willing to let you see her human self, and who is strong enough to not bull-shit you.


I do not take insurance due to my desire to cater to my client's needs rather than the demands of insurance companies. I utilize a thoughtful sliding scale that most people find affordable. If you are ready, willing, and able to invest financially and emotionally in your healing, please call me.

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