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  • Suicide: The Ripple Effect 

    Nicki Ditch LMHC - Counseling and Mental Health is hosting this film on Tuesday, May 29th at Webster AMC Theaters in Webster, NY. It is a "Theater on Demand" film which means that it will only show ("tip") if enough seats are filled by 5/20. LETS FILL THIS THEATER! Cost is only $12!!

    I heard Kevin Hines speak when I worked for Unity Hospital's Outpatient Behavioral Health clinic. This man is nothing short of remarkable and his message to the public is genuine, so vulnerable, and healing. This film is only currently available via Theater on Demand! If you are interested in attending this event, click on this link:   If this trailor moves you in the even the smallest way, order a ticket now! What else do you have that is more important to do on a Tuesday evening?   


  • Managing Mania

    There are many articles on the internet with the heading that Jim Carrey has Bipolar Disorder. When I read them, they only point out his depression but I have not read about any mania which is THE factor that makes a diagnosis for Bipolar Disorder instead of depression. All that being said, if he does have Bipolar Disorder, he has found an amazing way to channel that energy. I tell my clients with the diagnosis to protect themselves and their loved ones while in a manic episode by giving the car keys and credit cards to someone they trust, enlist loved ones to help stay away from drugs and alcohol, maintain their therapy and psychiatry appts, remember that they can't fly even if mania tries to convince them otherwise, and get the help of their psychiatrist for sleep. When that is all in place, use the mania as a tool to have safe fun and accomplish great things!!! One reason why the depression that follows the mania is so bad is because of the guilt about the dangerous, expensive, and hurtful things the person does while manic. By preplanning for safety and using mania as a tool to accomplish great things, you give yourself the opportunity to have a more mild case of depression following mania. If Jim Carrey does have bipolar disorder, this may be how he creates the amazing art in this video. I've read that he is completely off meds now and relies on his faith and his art that includes his comedy to help him cope. I am always truly amazed at people's abilities despite their inner demons. Sometimes IN spite of them. I wish more people knew just how strong and courageous they really are!!!!

  • ; This Is Not How Your Story Ends Should You Choose To Keep Writing It!

    A dear friend of mine is in pain, especially this week, as she grapples with the 19th anniversary of her brother's suicide. As a therapist and also someone who has been a very active EMT for 19 years of my life, I have heard a lot of people contemplate suicide and idealize suicide and I have seen a lot of suicide attempts and some suicide completions. How do I cope with that? I compartmentalize. As an EMT responding to a suicide call, I needed to in order to do the job at hand. As a therapist, I have to compartmentalize JUST ENOUGH to stay focused but not so much that I am unfeeling. While compartmentalization (which is a defense mechanism used to sort of stuff or numb pain) enables us to go about our day without having a melt-down, it also inhibits empathy. It is sometimes hard for me to imagine the enormity of the pain a person must have felt to have decided that suicide is THE answer. It is sometimes hard for me to imagine the amount of pain the survivors of a person who has suicided feels. I thank my friend for putting her pain out there so that I can be reminded of the pain people feel and my responsibilities to my fellow humans!

    I had the fortunate opportunity to watch Kevin Hines speak at a conference. He is an amazing man who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to end his life. He opened his speech up with this: "'How are you? Is there anything you need? Can I help?' If anyone had said any of those things to me, I would not have tried to end my life that day."

    As he states in this video, it is okay not to be okay and recovery happens!!! It is NOT okay to NOT ask for someone to back you up. If you are contemplating suicide and someone asks you how you are, even if they are just making small talk, tell them you are not okay and ask them to help you to not end your life today. I know that you don't want to go to the hospital but remember that it is part of the healing process and that you CAN feel better! HOW YOU FEEL TODAY IS NOT HOW YOU WILL ALWAYS FEEL EVEN IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THAT NOW! THIS IS NOT HOW YOUR STORY ENDS should you choose to keep writing it!