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Your struggles are understandable reactions to life events and it makes sense that given all you have endured, you are feeling sad, hurt, confused, lost, frustrated, and angry. I will not judge how you have survived because you have survived and however you got yourself to today is honorable even when others disagree and criticize. Now it's time for you to not only survive but to truly live. 
As a therapist who specializes in grief and loss, anger management, Borderline Personality Disorder, and healing emotional trauma (PTSD), I know how important it is to join you in your pain so that I can fully understand it, help you know that you are not alone in it, and help you work through it.
I'll not just sit quietly nodding saying, "Mm-hmm." I'll have a conversation with you, laugh with you, challenge you, and even frustrate you. I'm determined to guide you in the direction of hope, and work as hard as you work, and I refuse to bullshit you.
If you believe I am a good fit for you, please call me for a free consultation. I do NOT take insurance but most people find my rates affordable. If you must use your insurance to pay for your therapy, you should be able to get a list of therapists that accept your insurance from your insurance company.